I’ve received massage for years and Anna Carlson is, by far, the most skilled practitioner I have ever encountered. –C.S.

“She has strong hands, a compassionate heart, and an intuitive sense of the touch needed. Anna has a deep knowledge of anatomy, high standards of professionalism, and those hands! She has treated me for a wide variety of problems starting when I was pregnant and suffering with sciatica. Anna brings relief to my aching muscles, helps me recover from old and new injuries, and alleviates the effects of stress, fatigue, and overwork.

She has regularly treated my elderly mother in her 80’s, my sister disabled with MS, and my husband. We all treasure her as part of our healthcare. Any day I can see Anna is a great day.”

Every session brings welcome release from muscle and stored deep tissue tension along with the hurt that lives on in the heart from a lifetime of loving and losing. –Dr. PPL

“I am a concert pianist who leads a physically and emotionally demanding life that involves many hours of daily practice, frequent long rehearsals with other collaborating artists, hours at the computer; in former years, full-time university teaching and other commitments, and regular travel by air within the USA and internationally (lugging suitcases that weigh more than I do).

Over the decades of this 24/7 365 career, I have been recommended to a myriad of bodywork therapists (among them, “deep tissue,” “myofascial release,” Reiki, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and rarely Chiropractors) whom I visited seeking relief from a variety of stress related issues. I can say without reservation that Anna Carlson is The Best of All. Her knowledge base combines a medical doctor’s level understanding of anatomy and physiology, a dancer’s appreciation for the whole-body interactions of muscles and skeleton, and a Zen Master’s quiet, intuitive wisdom about the body-mind-heart-soul continuum.

Anna is one of the angels come to earth, and may she live long and prosper in her private practice. Santa Fe is a better place since she decided to move here.”

Santa Fe is lucky to have her. I have never found her equal. –F.S.

“Anna was my massage therapist for over ten years. I had injuries to my shoulder, ankle and hip. She has in-depth knowledge about how to massage each of these areas in a way that is specific to that area. I left each session knowing that she had heard my complaint and tended to it. She has a touch that is strong and gentle.”

“Massages with Anna help relax the associated uncomfortable muscle tension and joint stiffness of Parkinson’s Disease that I’m fighting. I feel much more fluid and at ease for many days following the treatment.” –G.R.